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Alfred Kornberger as director and producer of art movies

On 5 th of April 1978 Alfred Kornberger invited to a demonstration of six short films into the Citizenhouse of Vienna-Waehring (18th district of Vienna). The first of these films, which all were produced by Kornberger himself, treated the theme of „Art and Reality (Associations and Reflections)“ and describes the work of the artist and his search for suitable motifs. In the second film „And the roses bloom“, Kornberger handles the question of the meaning of life and aspirations. The third film „Every year“ questioned the meaning of Advent in the face of increasingly hectic consumer-society. The fourth film „Franz Schmutzer Initiatives“ describes the realization of the idea to establish an art gallery in a coffeehouse. The fifth film „Weekend“ and the sixth film „House Music“ show both the bourgeois everyday life with reference to the weekend and leisure time and here many scenes are taken from the life of the artist.

Kornberger shot and edited all the films by himself. He was very open-minded to this new medium and interested for more cinematic experiments. Another film produced Kornberger at the same time about his new theme „Zeus“. In his series of paintings „Zeus“ assumes the role of the partner of a young woman in the shape of a bicycle. After a wild and violent dance with the bike, this will be destroyed by the woman in the film, only the bicycle saddle is spared from the destruction. The film was first presented at the Museum of the Twentieth Century in Vienna.

Of all these films unfortunately is still usable (digital) just the movie „Zeus“ and „Art and Reality“. These films, as well as one on the German channel „VOX“ („True Love“ with Lilo Wanders) emitted on the „Background“ of the Moulin Rouge cycles in the beginning of the 1980s, were shown at the retrospective according to Alfred Kornbergers 80. Birthday at the Artist’s House of Vienna.