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Alfred Kornberger Foundation

c/o Association for the support of the works of Alfred Kornberger (1933 bis 2002)

Sonnenfelsgasse 15 in 1010 Vienna

Christian Kornberger and Christian Czaak

Scientfic Advisory: Franz Smola ;


„Women, Zeus, Apes, Rivet-nails and others“. Notes from Dieter Schrage to the paintings of Alfred Kornberger out from „Alfred Kornberger. Pictures and graphics from the years 1974 – 1990“, Edition Alfred Kornberger, Vienna 1990.

„Alfred Kornberger – The nude as Innovation“ published by Franz Smola, Brandstätter Publishing House, Vienna 2007.

„The spectrum of the universum“, Artist-House Vienna, Vienna 2013.

„The mirror of times“, Edition Gallery Czaak, Vienna 2014.

The work with all pictures, texts and photos including its parts is copyrighted. Any use outside of the Copyright Act and without the consent of the authors and the Alfred Kornberger Foundation is prohibited and punishable. This applies in particular to reproductions, storage and processing in electronic systems.

Thanks to:

Christian Kornberger and Hubert Kornberger

Franz Smola

Monika and Gerald Ziwna

Michaela and Christian Czaak (

Kurt van der Vloedt (

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