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The Alfred Kornberger Foundation

The Alfred Kornberger-Foundation was established to promote the artistic work nationally and internationally in a sustainable way and, in addition to the paintings, in particular to promote the graphic work with the approximately 2,500 works on paper.

Alfred Kornberger died in 2002 and in 2016 his wife Nevenka („Nena“) Kornberger follows him. As a man and artist, Kornberger was an individual personality who did not submit to the rules of the art business. He compensated the refusal against the usual exhibiting business with his own studio, with regular painting courses for beginners and advanced and with constantly art-parties and exhinitions. Kornberger markets himself with great success, he was a respected member of the Vienna Society and many invoices found in his legacy show a lot of sellings to museums and private collectors (see „Archives“).

As a consistent continuation of this individual attitude, the legacy now regulates the further processing and establishment of the total work of about 4,000 images with the focus on the graphic work. After the reworking of the 1,500 oil-paintings with the publication of the whole worklist in a catalogue by the curator and art scientist Franz Smola together with the Galerists Monika and Gerald Ziwna, the electronic catalog of oil paintings followed, in this form also internationally an absolute innovation in classical art. (see „Works“).

In the next step, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of Alfred Kornberger, the first comprehensive museum retrospective was held in 2013 at the Artisthouse in Vienna, made possible by the collector and gallery owner Christian Czaak (see „Movies“). Encouraged by more than 6,000 enthusiastic visitors to the Künstlerhaus show, Czaak also made possible the first retrospective publication of the graphic work of Alfred Kornberger with the monograph "Der Spiegel der Zeiten".

The graphic work is now also the focus of this website and with the founding of the Alfred Kornberger Foundation, the further international establishment of this Austrian exceptional artist starts. The estate deals in particular with the scientific processing of the graphic work with a volume of around 2,500 paperwork, the activities of the Foundation and its website as well as national and international exhibitions. The basis for all these activities is a separate estate auction with around 100 selected paintings and graphic works by the artist at the Vienna auction house Kinsky.

Together with Alfred and Nena Kornberger's son Christian Kornberger and nephew Hubert Kornberger, Christian Czaak takes over the management of the Foundation. For the scientific accompaniment, Franz Smola was won again. An important part of the activities is the creation and tendering of a new artistic competition. In the sense of Alfred Kornberger, the graphic and the drawing element is at the center and thus as a revival of the human as an artistic motif - as a continuation of the Austrian tradition of figurative, body emphased graphics and paintings.