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Alfred Kornberger als Künstler und Mensch


As a human and artist, Alfred Kornberger was an individual personality, who was not subject to the rules and self-production of the traditional art business. He largely separates from classical gallery business, was hardly interested in attending major exhibitions and was often satisfied with smaller locations for his individual exhibitions like galleries in the countryside, bank branches, butcher shops, or confectionaries as a gallery room.

Kornberger compensated the refusal to accept the usual exhibition with his immense activity within his studio where always professional nude models were present, where he regularly taught art classes for beginners or advanced and invites to artist festivals and exhibitions. Kornberger marketed primarily himself with great success. Numerous invoices from the estate of Kornberger for museums, institutional and private collections verify this. 

The "archive" with private photos and documents should give an insight into the personality of the human being and artist Alfred Kornberger.